Designing a blog

There are many different options available when it comes to designing a blog. The most crucial part is to ensure that the blog reflects the content you want to promote and also that it is fairly easy to get commercial companies and others to place ads on the space. After all, it is the ads on the blog that will give you money in the bank.

The visual design process

A couple of years ago you could find small movies, JavaScript designs, interactive menus and so forth. They were all fun to watch, but viruses and slow downloads where only a few of the problems.

So today there is a standard one has to follow when it comes to the design of websites. You have to use more subtle elements like colour and fonts. This takes a bit more time to get right, but use your gut-feeling. If you love a colour, use that colour on the site. Also use a font that is easy to read, but that you love.

By using a bit of time on this design process you can create a great visual impact that shows off your personality and is attractive to the companies looking to advertise.

The content

To ensure that your readers want to follow you, you have to give them something to follow. This means creating a great content and publishing often. Readers are fickle creatures and it doesn’t take much for them to lose interest.

You need to make a publishing schedule for yourself and keep to it. This means publishing every other day, or more often. You also need to ensure that you can publish on different social platforms, using “your” colours and images. This will attract new readers and make you more popular.

Branding yourself

The exciting and a bit scary part of writing a blog and trying to earn a bit of money on it, is that you are essentially selling an image of “you”. You can control what you are showing, but you cannot be picture perfect. People need to relate to you and relating to somebody with no problems, no issues and no “spots” is hard.

So you need to ensure that you think long and hard on how you want to make yourself into a brand, something that people will recognize.

The other side of the coin is of course that anybody can become successful with a blog. All it takes is hard work and dedication to ensuring interesting content.