Promoting the blog

Having solved the technical issues, the content issues and ensured that you are a “brand”, you have to start promoting the blog. This is time consuming and at the start you will probably feel that it is a hopeless mission. But hang in there as it just takes a bit of time to build up your audience.

Facebook and other social media

You need to use all types of social media platform and you need to use them wisely. Make some images with a focus on “your” colours and great images that people want to look at. That will ensure that your posts will get shared and more readers will find your blog.

Personal pictures

Great pictures tell a story. Personal pictures tell a personal story that people will love and it is often easier to get shares with personal pictures. However, you need to feel comfortable with using your own pictures or you will look uncomfortable in the picture. Also you need to remember that the images will, potentially, be part of the online community forever. So don’t publish pictures you will hate in 4 or 6 years.

Free to use pictures

There are also a lot of pictures at that are free to use. These have a more commercial feel, but they are also beautifull. So if you need to illustrate a point or you don’t want to publish personal images; this is a good option.

Paid promotion through the host-sites

There are many host-sites that offer free blogging spaces. If the blog becomes successful, then the blogger can get paid as advertisers wants to place ads on the blog. These same sites also often offer bloggers the option to pay for a better placement in the system and also let the blogger publish ads on other blogs. So this is a way to ensure that the readers you’re your blog.

Google adwords and frequent updates

Of course you need to ensure that your blog can be found on google and other search engines. After all, people do use these services to find new blogs or people to follow.
You can pay for a placement at google, pay for commercial placement in the form of Adwords.

However, the most important thing you can do to ensure that you are visible on google is to ensure that you have an updated blog. You need to publish posts every other day or more often and also include links to other sites. That will ensure that the search engines will find your site and that readers can find your blog.